Rub Rung – A New Dimension..

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One of the most prominent singers of the 90s, Ali Haider makes a comeback with his brand new, no not pop, but a qawwali album called Rub Rung.


Ali Haider’s official fan page on Facebook provides quite a few details about the latest album, released on June 23, of the celebrated singer, whose music has mostly been inspired by his Baadami yadein.

Featuring Saqib Ali Taj brothers, Rub Rung looks like an enticing listen. Tera Sehvan, a naat originally sung by Farhan Ali Qadri, with a catchy chorus and upbeat melody, this qawwali/Sufi Kalam has that pop rock feel that Ali Haider’s fan’s are accustomed to.

Thankfully, the sufi singer is not dressed up like a molvi and looks quite stylish. Although the songwriting is unexceptional, Haider’s performance in the well-made video and soothing vocals are enough to do justice with the song. A person, who likes listening to every latest soundtrack, be it by Atif Aslam or Imran Khan, will definitely enjoy this number as well.

As for the poetry, this time around, instead of being inspired by nostalgic moments of the past, Ali Haider is focusing on the unconditional love of God. We feel that with this new venture, Ali Haider is trying to prepare his audiences for Ramadan. Furthermore, with so many channels hosting Ramadan transmission, the celebrated singer will certainly make it to several shows which will help him in gaining the much needed fame.

Rub Rung hasn’t got a lot of response online but we really hope that this attempt of Ali Haider helps him prove himself in the industry again.