Purani Jeans Now Gets Remixed

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DJ Akash Rohira has collaborated with Ali Haider

A-208Remember Purani jeans ? The ’90s song was not just hailed as a youth anthem, but also worked wonders for singer-composer Ali Haider, making him a household name not just in Pakistan and India, but among South Asian expatriates worldwide. The youth icon, who resigned from popular music in 2009 and took to religious singing thereafter, is set to return with Purani jeans 2” Club Mix Revisited. And making a club version of his famous college song is none other than Kolkata’s own DJ Akash Rohira.

 The album backed by a music label in India is a compilation of 10 tracks. Talking to us from Pakistan, Ali Haider said, “The album comprises some of my popular tracks spanning 25 years. It’s a compilation with a new sound. The album isn’t typical Bollywood. The popular music of the ’90s is waning in India and with this album, I want to revive the popular culture. DJs from Pakistan, India and the world over are collaborating with me on this. And yes, Akash has done a great job of Purani jeans.”

The musician added that a couple of videos have already been shot for the album. “This apart, I’m trying to cater to my qawwali audiences with an album. I have worked with various qawwals. And since I’m into acting as well, I have to dedicate time for TV shows,” he said. On being prodded about Bollywood projects, the singer said, “Right now, there’s a little tension between the two countries, but I would like to work in Indian projects. Why not? I have a visa and am currently in talks with quite a few people. I’m also looking for the album launch in October and hope to be present in person.”

Akash, on his part, is super-excited about the collaboration. “I was in Delhi, when I received a call from Ali Haider, who, at that point in time, was in Mumbai. He had heard about me from a friend. After that, he kept sending me the tunes and I would do the same to him. All the exchanges happened over email. Purani jeans is a personal favourite and I have added a new feel to it, keeping in mind the nightclub and college crowd. Some more lyrics have been added to the song, which is now being called Phir purani jeans,” he said. This apart, there’s one original composition by the DJ that will feature in the album. “It’s a Sufi-based original tune, to which Ali Haider has added his vocals. This collaboration is something to watch out for,” he added.


Courtesy : Times of India

Zinia Sen, TNN Aug 31, 2013, 12.00AM IST