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A-201Reviewing Ali’s music endeavours always carries an element of bias. One can’t help but pay tribute to the “gentle” man because through him you get to appreciate a lot many whose work is so brilliantly reflected through his own. The most recent work of art produced by the Haider team, “Dastaan”, is yet another testament of their masterful craftsmanship.

The title track “Dastaan” is nicely arranged and performed by Imran Ali, whose hard work manages to salvage the unsalvageable. “Meri Jan” may be singled out for its extended guitar excursions by Faraz Anwar and bitter sweet melody composed by Nadeem Jafri. Aamir Zaki makes his intense presence felt through his guitars on “Maria”, a catchy, breezy number with a Spanish undertone. “Ranjha Heer” could have been more ear-friendly had it been an instrumental but since Haider boy puts minimal strain on his vocal chords throughout the number, one can actually pretend to hear between the words. And lastly, “Papa Mummy” could become a mega success with kindergarten teachers who can conveniently use its tune to help kids rote, “Baba Black Sheep ….. la la la”.

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TV Times, Pakistan