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Ali Haider is a Pakistani Singer and Actor. He grew up in the neighborhood of Firdous Colony in Karachi, and was pursuing a degree in engineering at NED University when his showbiz career began.

Larallallala Lulu Isn’t All Fun And Games.


My personality, as a musician, has many facets. There are times I’m peppy, times I’m really serious, and times I’m funny, too,“But even Larallallala Lulu isn’t all fun and games. I don’t know to what extent people will understand its depth. But I’m not a purist.”

‘ larallallala lulu’ . Just Want To Let You Know That It’s Only A Fun Song That I wanted To Do For A Change . I Had A Great Time Recording And Shooting This Song And The Unbelievable Laughter Were Much Needed So Thank you Very This Song Is A Story Of Every Dreamer And it’s Been Made With A Comedy Touch So Just Relax, chill And Enjoy The Pop n Rap Song.